6 May. Tales of Unrest

Just to remind you – on the 2nd May pro-Russian activists attacked football fans protesting for united Ukraine:

It appeared that for these football fans the street fights are not something new and later attackers had to take a shelter in the House of Workers Union. Later this building got torched and a lot of people (about 40) died in the fire, asphyxiated of smoke or jumping from the building. It appears, that this building got torched by the United Ukraine’s activists who also used weapons to shoot at evacuating people. It shoud be noted that pro-Russiand inside the building used the bricks and other thing to throw at the crowd outside, but it could not justify the intention to torch the building.

Poroshenko says that the people had died not because of fire but because of gift ant this event was a terror act. This statement remains to be proved.

RT argues, that the people filmed to attack on pro-government protesters were provocateurs:
http://rt.com/news/156744-video-footage-odessa-fire/ But this does not fit into the overall picture – provocateurs attacked, and were set on fire only to create an opportunity for westerners to blame Russia? Is not a lot of sacrifice? After the event, a lot of pro-Russian activists were detained by police and an angry crowd of people gathered to protest and demand for immediate release of the prisoners. Some of them were released: h

ttp://rt.com/news/156724-odessa-police-release-activists/ It was not very wise to keep them in the same city they were arrested, why they were not transported to other cities and their location not kept secret?

In Slaviansk a woman was killed by a sniper. Immediately pro-Kiev forces were blamed for the kill, but c’mon, how can you be so sure? It is clear that Game of Thrones is not very popular and well known series in Ukraine…


In Ukraine southeastern regions fighting between pro-government forces and DPR-activists continues. This is the term used by vice-news to call the fighters in Donbas (DPR stands for “Doneck People Republic”) because there appears too many of them just to call them “separatists”, The term used by “Russia today” – pro-federalization activist is questionable, because their actions strongly suggests, that the day they hold a referendum it will become a day they join Russia.

Vice news’ report shows that there are many street fights in Doneck. People get randomly accused of collaborating with the Kiev’s government and get badly beaten. https://news.vice.com/video/russian-roulette-dispatch-thirty-four

In Mariupol a bank building just next to the administration building occupied by DPR-activists were set on fire. It is not quite clear who did this, but the “Private Bank” suspend its actions in DOneck and Lugansk. http://rt.com/business/156836-privat-bank-suspends-operations/

Russians and pro-Russians residing in other countries are organizing the protests supporting pro-Russian movements in Ukraine and are calling Kiev government the “nazis”.http://rt.com/in-motion/157136-rally-viena-ukraine-fascism/

And finally – it is not clear who and why, but jews are getting involved in Ukraine’s matters –


If the streets are full of extremists and nationalists it is not a happy time to have a Jewish nationality.

And the final picture, just for desert –

There are fools commenting pictures like these with an exaggerated feelings. No, this war is not about people and their wellfare. In may have been started with good intentions, but now everything is only about politics. Believe no one, or at least have a very solid ground to believe in something.

Hey, I am not done yet – watch this clip calling you to the Russian army –


Meantime in Russia:



2 May. Large scale military operation to recapture towns under siege in Ukraine

Today was a productive day in terms of military advance. Finally, something is really being done in Ukraine southeast instead of just sitting and waiting for someone. Ukrainian central powers have announced a large scale military operation in Slaviansk to bring the  rioting city under control. Rioters were successful in shooting down few military helicopters. Different sources claims about a different number of planes to have been destroyed, but at least one kill is confirmed. “Russia today” reports about 3 planes downed by protesters:

It is interesting, where from they got these anti aircraft missiles? No one also explains, how the rioters were able to under possession of so many Ak-47’s. They also got anti-tank weapons, like this guy with bazooka:

Dmitry Tymchiuk on FB reports that they intercepted a message sent to all Russian agents located in territory of Ukraine with orders to exfiltrate. On their turn, Russians claims to have intercepted messages spoken in English uses this as an evidence that US and EU are also involved in the matter (also on RT). Central powers denies these claims (http://www.delfi.lt/news/daily/world/rusija-armijos-veiksmai-veda-ukraina-katastrofos-link.d?id=64687937). But that is not being said by the RT, that today it was attempted by protesters to capture a passenger train. Also, Russia is very concerned about the use of military aviation in residential areas. From oter side, Ukrainians claims that rioters are using sniper rifles and that they are hiding in the tenement houses, using civilians as a living shields.

Another event – a rally for the united Ukraine took place in Odessa, but pro-Russian activists  tried to beat the crap out of everyone. The police tried to intervene and had done a little, but it was not enough:


Another interesting thing – a House of Worker’ Union in Odessa was brought under fire. A while ago it was captured by pro-Russian activists. It was reported, that rioters were shooting at the people outside. Few activists were taken under arrest. Russian media reports that pro-Russians were the ones to have been attacked and that the building was intentionally torched by pro-central powers radicals. It appears to me, that it was a revenge for the attack on the supporters of “United Ukraine”. Or the people got so sick and tired of pro-Russians that whey decided to do something about it. It is hard to say not being involved in the events. About 30 people were killed in the fire.

1 May. Prosecutor’s office is stormed and occupied by protesters in Doneck

Threat assessment in south-east Ukraine:

Turmoil in Ukraine continues, a crowd of few thousand people had gathered and stormed a prosecutors office in Doneck.

Finally, Vice News is again on track of events in Ukraine after Simon Ostrovsky was released from captivity and was ordered by the protesters not to come back. Russians keep fooling everyone that the thing the protesters want is a referendum to decide either to remain the part of Ukraine with Kiev as a seat of central government or to be federal authonomous state. Do you really think, that a crowd shouting “Russia” and “Not to NATO, yes to Russia” repeatedly, will remain under control of Ukraine? I think it is clear, that if referendum will be held, whe end result will be highly questionable and it wont be in favor of Ukraine unificaton.


At 6:30 of the last video a guy blames police for using tear gals and weapons on the peacefull demonstrants who had brought their children with them. But really, who had guns? Just watch this video again and count, how many pistols the protesters hava and how many of them really brought their children? He is one of the types, who expects the police to surrender on demand by a crowd of drunks and blame the government if he gets hit with a rolled paper.


Protesters in Slovjansk claim to have released 2 of 3 members of Ukraine Security officers in exchange to the release of protesters captured by Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine detains Russian military attaché on suspiction of spying and orders the diplomat to leave the country

According to Dmitry Tymchuk protesters are planning to commit a false-flag operation in Slaviansk.


Russia warns Kiev to hold its plans carrying on a special operation in Ukraine south-eastern regions

Ukraine closes a border with Crimea

Rioters in Luhansk expierience growing disagreements and anarchy


30 April. Ukrainian president admits that the situation is not under his control. Administration building and police station are taken by protesters in Horlivka

In Horlivka protesters ceized control of state buildings – government administration and police station.


Ukrainian president admits that situation in some regions is not under control

US claims to have tapped Moscow’s calls to pro-Russian forces in Ukraine

Sloviansk is being held under siege of Ukrainian forces, all transport vehicles are being checked for weapons. Now, both sides – pro-Kiev forces and protesters have their own checkpoints which surrounds the city.  It is being reported that the majority of Sloviansk inhabitants remain neutral and do not join protest organized by rioters. Food become more and more expensive, onions’ price reached $1.40, which costs about $.20 five months earlier. Price of pineapples and bananas increased from $1 to $5.50 per kilogram.

European Union had announced earlier that it will hold the project of “South-Stream” – a planned pipeline to transport Russian natural gas to Bulgaria and further to Greece, Italy and Austria. A day earlier (on the 29 April) EU-Russia cooperation continued – a new contract was signed to ensure the construction.