2 May. Large scale military operation to recapture towns under siege in Ukraine

Today was a productive day in terms of military advance. Finally, something is really being done in Ukraine southeast instead of just sitting and waiting for someone. Ukrainian central powers have announced a large scale military operation in Slaviansk to bring the  rioting city under control. Rioters were successful in shooting down few military helicopters. Different sources claims about a different number of planes to have been destroyed, but at least one kill is confirmed. “Russia today” reports about 3 planes downed by protesters:

It is interesting, where from they got these anti aircraft missiles? No one also explains, how the rioters were able to under possession of so many Ak-47’s. They also got anti-tank weapons, like this guy with bazooka:

Dmitry Tymchiuk on FB reports that they intercepted a message sent to all Russian agents located in territory of Ukraine with orders to exfiltrate. On their turn, Russians claims to have intercepted messages spoken in English uses this as an evidence that US and EU are also involved in the matter (also on RT). Central powers denies these claims (http://www.delfi.lt/news/daily/world/rusija-armijos-veiksmai-veda-ukraina-katastrofos-link.d?id=64687937). But that is not being said by the RT, that today it was attempted by protesters to capture a passenger train. Also, Russia is very concerned about the use of military aviation in residential areas. From oter side, Ukrainians claims that rioters are using sniper rifles and that they are hiding in the tenement houses, using civilians as a living shields.

Another event – a rally for the united Ukraine took place in Odessa, but pro-Russian activists  tried to beat the crap out of everyone. The police tried to intervene and had done a little, but it was not enough:


Another interesting thing – a House of Worker’ Union in Odessa was brought under fire. A while ago it was captured by pro-Russian activists. It was reported, that rioters were shooting at the people outside. Few activists were taken under arrest. Russian media reports that pro-Russians were the ones to have been attacked and that the building was intentionally torched by pro-central powers radicals. It appears to me, that it was a revenge for the attack on the supporters of “United Ukraine”. Or the people got so sick and tired of pro-Russians that whey decided to do something about it. It is hard to say not being involved in the events. About 30 people were killed in the fire.


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