1 May. Prosecutor’s office is stormed and occupied by protesters in Doneck

Threat assessment in south-east Ukraine:

Turmoil in Ukraine continues, a crowd of few thousand people had gathered and stormed a prosecutors office in Doneck.

Finally, Vice News is again on track of events in Ukraine after Simon Ostrovsky was released from captivity and was ordered by the protesters not to come back. Russians keep fooling everyone that the thing the protesters want is a referendum to decide either to remain the part of Ukraine with Kiev as a seat of central government or to be federal authonomous state. Do you really think, that a crowd shouting “Russia” and “Not to NATO, yes to Russia” repeatedly, will remain under control of Ukraine? I think it is clear, that if referendum will be held, whe end result will be highly questionable and it wont be in favor of Ukraine unificaton.


At 6:30 of the last video a guy blames police for using tear gals and weapons on the peacefull demonstrants who had brought their children with them. But really, who had guns? Just watch this video again and count, how many pistols the protesters hava and how many of them really brought their children? He is one of the types, who expects the police to surrender on demand by a crowd of drunks and blame the government if he gets hit with a rolled paper.


Protesters in Slovjansk claim to have released 2 of 3 members of Ukraine Security officers in exchange to the release of protesters captured by Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine detains Russian military attaché on suspiction of spying and orders the diplomat to leave the country

According to Dmitry Tymchuk protesters are planning to commit a false-flag operation in Slaviansk.


Russia warns Kiev to hold its plans carrying on a special operation in Ukraine south-eastern regions

Ukraine closes a border with Crimea

Rioters in Luhansk expierience growing disagreements and anarchy



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