30 April. Ukrainian president admits that the situation is not under his control. Administration building and police station are taken by protesters in Horlivka

In Horlivka protesters ceized control of state buildings – government administration and police station.


Ukrainian president admits that situation in some regions is not under control

US claims to have tapped Moscow’s calls to pro-Russian forces in Ukraine

Sloviansk is being held under siege of Ukrainian forces, all transport vehicles are being checked for weapons. Now, both sides – pro-Kiev forces and protesters have their own checkpoints which surrounds the city.  It is being reported that the majority of Sloviansk inhabitants remain neutral and do not join protest organized by rioters. Food become more and more expensive, onions’ price reached $1.40, which costs about $.20 five months earlier. Price of pineapples and bananas increased from $1 to $5.50 per kilogram.

European Union had announced earlier that it will hold the project of “South-Stream” – a planned pipeline to transport Russian natural gas to Bulgaria and further to Greece, Italy and Austria. A day earlier (on the 29 April) EU-Russia cooperation continued – a new contract was signed to ensure the construction.